The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education welcomes your child to


We look forward to partnering with you as your child begins their important educational journey. The following outlines information for registration as well as some important links you may wish to review.

To register for Pre-Primary:

The Pre-primary Program is open to all children who have reached the age of four years on or before December 31 of the year they enroll.

Children can attend the program only for one year.

Children must live within the catchment area, as defined by the centre for education, of a school that is offering the Pre-primary Program.

- Parents/guardians must present the following:

Category A: proof of ownership of dwelling or long-term lease or rental of dwelling; legal documents indicating NS residence; parent or guardian filing income tax returns as a NS resident

Category B: NS hydro bill, NS cable bill, Provincial driver’s license, Provincial registration of automobile, Canadian bank accounts or credit cards

- A child must be registered in the neighbourhood school where they reside. If not sure which school serves your home address, call the CBVRCE Transportation Division at 902-562-4595.

Parents/guardians who reside separately and have joint custody must choose which of their neighbourhood schools their child(ren) will attend.

Additional Information:

There is a section on the registration form to identify Ancestry and Aboriginal Identity which you are encouraged to complete. Accurate demographic information allows our centre for education to support children and their families by acknowledging and celebrating our rich cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. This information also assists us when seeking out resources and planning supports to better serve our children now and into their future. Therefore we encourage all parents and children to identify their Ancestry and Aboriginal Identity.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to communicate, upon registration, any support or special needs of the child or area of concern ie: medical, behavior, speech, hearing etc so that appropriate planning for pre-primary entry can take place.

Questions: Rhoda Muller (Pre-Primary Program Manager with the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education) at 902-794-1048 or

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Program Information* - Choose one of the following

*Note: Contact school administration for assistance completing this section, if needed.

Student Information

Legal Name - Must match birth certificate, passport, immigration papers, legal name change certificate, or adoption documents

Upload Identification Document: (Required)
Valid file types are pdf, jpg, png, gif

Language Comprehension:
Language most often spoken in the home:

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian 1
Language Comprehension:
Language most often spoken in the home:
Parent/Guardian 2
Language Comprehension:
Language most often spoken in the home:

Additional Emergency Contact(s)

Contact 1
Language Comprehension:
Language most often spoken in the home:
Contact 2
Language Comprehension:
Language most often spoken in the home:
Contact 3
Language Comprehension:
Language most often spoken in the home:

Custody Arrangements - MUST BE COMPLETED ANNUALLY; appropriate legal documentation shall be provided

Are special custody arrangements requested for this student at school?


Health Care Needs/Medical Diagnosis(es) If YES*, please check one or more of the following:
Please Note: Checking any of the below requires further program-planning meetings and/or documentation (e.g. Health Plan of Care; Administration of Medical Forms; etc.)

Please list all children in your family who attend school. If you require additional space, please attach a separate page.

Name (Last, First)

Transportation [To be completed by Parents or the School Office]

Special Needs Transportation required?
Bus Type:

Under special circumstances, some children may require alternate pick up and/or drop off locations to/from school and a location other than their home residence. Within reason, the school will make arrangements to accommodate these requests.


In the event that school must close early, indicate alternative arrangements you want for your child.


Please select one of the following (documentation to verify status in Canada and proof of medical insurance to be provided at time of registration):
Nova Scotia International Student Program (NSISP) Participant:
Fee-paying Student (who is not part of the NSISP or an approved exchange program):
Valid until: (Date Format YYYY-MM-DD)
Dependant of a temporary resident
Valid until: (Date Format YYYY-MM-DD)
Valid until: (Date Format YYYY-MM-DD)
Medical Insurance:

SELF-IDENTIFICATION - Completion of this section is voluntary

Parents/Guardians and/or students are encouraged to self-identify. By doing so, this enables the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Regional Centres for Education and CSAP to have a greater awareness of the diversity of the student population and the communities served and to better meet the educational needs of students.
INDIGENOUS - For the purpose of this form, Indigenous persons are those who consider themselves to be Mi’kmaw/other First Nations, Métis, or Inuit.
If YES, to which group do you belong?
Please indicate the ancestry with which the student most identifies. Select all that apply.

FRENCH FIRST LANGUAGE EDUCATION ELIGIBILITY - Completion of this section is voluntary

One of the ways you may access French first language education is under Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as an “entitled parent”. Under the Nova Scotia Education Act, children of an entitled parent are entitled to be provided a French-first-language program. Clause 3(I)(h) of the Act defines “entitled parent” as follows: An entitled parent means a parent who is a citizen of Canada and
  1. whose first language learned and still understood is French, or
  2. who received his or her primary school instruction in Canada in a French-first-language program, or
  3. of whom any child has received or is receiving primary or secondary school instructions in Canada in a French-first-language program.
As a parent, do you meet at least one of the above criteria?
Note: French first language education is not a French immersion program.

You are advised that future children of your son or daughter may lose their right to an education in the French-first-language if your child does not attend a French-first-language school.

In Nova Scotia, French first language education is only offered by the Francophone school board, the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP).

Representatives from CSAP are available to answer any questions you have regarding French first language education and to help you determine if you are an entitled parent.

Do you wish to have your name, home telephone number, and email address given to CSAP for a representative to contact you with more information about French first language education?

You may also contact the CSAP at 902-471-0082, 902-769-5458, 1-888-533-2727,, or visit the CSAP website at

I/we certify that all of the information on this registration form is correct.
Parent/Guardian Signature

Additional Information
(These questions are designed to help us to get to know your child - answers are voluntary)

Is your child currently supported by any external agencies or community supports (such as NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services, NSHearing and Speech, EIBI, APSEA etc)

Does your child have experience with a play based learning program (daycare, play-group, etc) ?

How does your child react to stressful situations?

Does your child have any fears that we should know about?

What are some motivators for your child? What type of things do they enjoy?

Comments (Please use this space to tell us anything you think would be beneficial for us to get to know your child better)

Appendix A:Consent for Publication of Student Personal Information and Student Work

From time to time, the schools, Centre for Education, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development would like to publish examples of student work, or personal information about a student such as the student’s name, photograph, and school attended. This is done to recognize and encourage student achievement or learning, and to inform others about the school and its programs and activities. Showcasing students, their work, and their achievements is an important part of school life, and is a very positive experience for students.

• Before the school, centre for education, or the department does these things, we need your permission. Please sign this form to let us know whether or not you give your permission.

Consent for Publication of Student Personal Information and Student Work

I __________________________, consent to the school, to the Cape Breton Victoria Regional Centre for Education, and the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development publishing my child’s name, image (photo), grade, course, and school attended, including being photographed or interviewed by the media.

I also consent to the Cape Breton Victoria Regional Centre for Education publishing my child’s student work, and the department using my child’s student work (such as student writing) for the purposes of teacher professional development, and photos in a publication or on its website. This consent is limited to the purposes of recognizing and encouraging student achievement, teacher professional development, building school community, and informing others about the school and its programs and activities.

I understand that I may withdraw this consent at any time by contacting my child’s school principal, in writing. This consent is valid for one year after the date of signing.

__________ Yes, I consent
__________ No, I do not consent
Name of Student:
School Attended:
Signature of Parent:
** If you have any questions or concerns about how the school, centre for education, or the department is managing information about your child, or about anything in this consent form, please contact your child’s principal, or the school board’s information access and privacy officer.


Pre-Primary Program

“The Pre-Primary program is available for one school year for children living in the catchment area, as determined by the regional centre (or CSAP), who have reached the age of four years as of December 31 and will not turn six years old before December 31 of this year”
Child's Name:
Child's Date of Birth:
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) name:
I have read the above statement and agree to it.
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) signature::