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 Breton Education Centre  
Communication Plan

2015 -- 2016

 The education of each and every student is a shared responsibility between the home and the school. Communication between the home and the school is essential if our efforts are going to be cooperative and supportive. Effective communication must flow in both directions, to and from home and school. To this end, the following communication plan has been developed.
 Communication From The School
 The school will use the following means of communication.

1. Report Cards – issued three times per year in middle school and grade 9  (November, February and June) and
four times a year in senior high (November, February, April and June) .

This is the primary reporting instrument for student achievement. Report cards are issued in early November, the end of January, in
early April and at the end of June.

2. Parent Teacher meetings are scheduled for November 24th (Jr. & Sr High evening session) and November 25th (Jr. & Sr High -- PM session); February23rd (Jr. High -- evening session); February 24th (Jr. High -- PM session); April 26th. (Sr. High -- evening session) and April 27th
(Sr High -- PM session) 

3. Student Handbook – each grade 6 & 7 student receives a student handbook in September. It contains a great deal of information about expectations, regulations, fees, calendar and code of conduct. Students are required to enter assignments, projects, tests and other information in the handbook on a daily basis.


Note: There is an online version for parent and student on the BEC web site.

4. Newsletters – newsletters will be issued by the school from time to time in order to keep parents informed.(Also, see BEC Web page at www.bretoned.ca for a daily bulletin)

5. Web Site – valuable information is available on the BEC web site. www.bretoned.ca

6. Letters – from time to time parents will receive a letter pertaining to specific issues of importance to their son or daughter.
7. Phone – phone calls are frequently the means used to contact parents for issue requiring immediate discussion.
Communication From The Home
 Parents may contact the school in the following ways.

1. Phone – parents are encouraged to call the school on any student issues as they arise:

BEC Phone: 1-(902) 862-6432
BEC FAX:   1-(902) 862-7330

2. Meetings – parents can arrange a meeting with a teacher, counselor or administrator by calling the school.

3. Notes – parents can forward notes or letters to a teacher, counselor or administrator.
4. Email – parents may email the school via the School Email Contact on the BEC Web Site.


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